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Organizing the fair is a huge job, and the week of the fair is an even a greater challenge. We understand that your grandstand entertainment is only 1/100thof the daily activities going on at the Fair and that’s why we strive to make working together an easy and enjoyable experience. We have worked in live entertainment since 2004 and receive compliments regularly about how pleasant we are to work with and how much people enjoy our show. You can count on us every year to get the job done right with satisfied fans coming back for more.  


Event requirements:


  • Secured280ft x 30ft desired area (smaller spaces can be managed) on relatively flat ground. Speedway/track slopes OK. We use artificial turf under the ramps and can perform on pavement, grass, and all types of soils. Shows aretypically located in Grandstands, Rodeo Arenas, Open Fields, parks, city streets, and parking Lots with a height clearance of 35ft. 

  • On-site Paramedics or EMT for all practice and performance times

  • Skidsteer/Forklift- 1,500lb lift capacity with dirt and fork attachments 

  • (4) 110v Power Outlets located within 100ft of performance area; RV 30amp hookups appreciated 

  • Adequate Lighting towers if performance is close to sunset 

  • double-queen bed hotel rooms located close to the venue whenever possible  (nice rooms appreciated) 

  • designated parking for up to (3) 70’ transport vehicles the night before and night of performance/’s 

  • 15 x 40ft space accessible to spectators for our meet and greet



Who our show is for:


Moms, dads, and especially kids.  Grandparents have told us they love it to! The Guetter brothers have made this is a family show with an emphasis on sharing a positive message to our audience.  Motocross families love it but you don’t need to be a motorsports fan or an off-road enthusiast to enjoy it. 



What happens during the show:


90-Minute Main Event: The show is composed of 14 action-packed scenes- each building bigger and better than the previous.  Big Jumps, 450cc motors, backflips, incredible balance acts, launching a 1,300lb Polaris RZR, crowd games, good music and more.  You will laugh, you will scream, and you will be floored by how high in the air our riders go.  We start the show with a tribute to our nation’s flag, introductions, and basic “trick tutorials” about stunts you will see during the performance. Our emcee/’s do an incredible job at keeping the interest of even the wiggliest children in the audience. We play crowd interacting games where fans can win prizes, and a select few will get to walk out on the show floor and play the ultimate game of “ATV Tennis”.  The show ends with our Big Air Finale trains where all riders are in the air at once, some upside down, one after the other merely inches apart.  




Included in Main Event Show package:


Portable ramps (no dirt required), 450cc freestyle ATV’s, Dirtbike backflips, Polaris RZR1000 launch, BMX team, emcee, Road Crew, PA System, Event Insurance, Merchandise booth, Fan photo backdrop, Free Meet & Greet, event photos, and lots of free prizes given away during the 90-minute performance. Smaller show packages and multi-day show packages are also available. Facebook promoting is also included in our services.  



Our Crew:


Our crew is professional, experienced, and well-mannered. Our riders are some of the most talented and respected riders in the country with an extensive history in extreme sports. Our Tour is about having fun and promoting a positive message to our audience.  You are welcome to join us after the show to see for yourself how much fun we have traveling the country together.  



The Show Floor:


We use custom steel take-off and landing ramps built on or into trailers.  Our moto landing ramp stands 13 feet tall, spans 32 feet long, and is controlled by hydraulics to lift the wings into place.  The takeoff is steel construction and sits 9 feet tall.  An inflatable airbag is placed on the backside of the landing for safety if any mechanical failure were ever to occur.  Our BMX take-off ramp is wood construction with the landing ramp also an inflatable airbag with a thick rubber surface.  This allows our bicycle riders to perform greater stunts with lessor risk of injury.  The Tour bus and sponsored enclosed trailer are parked behind the ramps to create a clean backdrop from the grandstands, with props and sponsor canopies placed in additional open spaces.  We also have a private viewing area for special guests and sponsors. An area is also allocated for your sponsors signage.  



Set-up and Load-out:


Our road crew handles all assembly, disassembly, and clean-up of our area. Just provide a skid steer with pallet fork and dirt bucket attachments that has 1,500lbs lift capacity or more. Our trained operators will handle load-in/load-out from our transport vehicles.  Setup can be done in under 3 hours, and teardown in roughly 90-minutes. If you need the floor cleared immediately, our ramps can be removed in under 20 minutes.  



Barriers & fencing:


For safety concerns, we require our show area and pit locations to be closed off and secured from spectators. Speedways provide safe show environments, where public areas may require additional portable fencing. We enforce credentials in our pit area and are happy to assign guest passes for you and any of your guests. 




Liability Insurance:


A K&K insurance certificate providing $1,000,000 of coverage is included with each show package- simply fill in the highlighted sections of our application and the certificate will be mailed to the address you provide. If you require $2,000,000 or more coverage, please inquire. 



Inclement Weather protocol:


The ATV’s are the only machines that can operate if light rain or moderate winds are present.  We prepare the week before the show and if we see disrupting weather coming, we keep close contact with the fair and communicate a backup plan whether we need heavy equipment ready to grade mud off the track, lay plastic to keep sections dry, or any other weather-related emergencies.  Mud is our biggest challenge when inclement weather appears. Event insurance is always recommended.  





We provide all the necessary elements including photos, videos, logos, press release, descriptions, and social media content. 70% of 2018 surveys reported discovering the ATV Big Air Tour on Facebook so we primarily focus advertising on that platform. We are more than happy to collaborate our strategy with your advertising plan to achieve the greatest results.  



Contract & Deposit:


A $2,500 non-refundable deposit must be present with the contract to be accepted.  Make checks payable to: ATV Big Air Tour. 



Cost of Show Admission:


The cost of admission is determined by your fair or event.  Many have included our show FREE with the cost of Fair entry, while others charge admission to watch from the grandstands. According to 2018 survey results, 92%  reported they were happy to pay $15 for adult tickets, $10 for kid tickets, and under 5 years old FREE.  We also encourage a Military discount for the families serving in the United States Armed Forces, as we pay tribute to them during the opening of the show.    



Alcohol Policy:


The consumption or distribution of alcohol at ATV Big Air Tour events are at the discretion of each client.  Our secured Pit & Show areas are a zero alcohol zone until the final performance of the day is completed.  



Included Meet & Greet:


After the completion of the show, our guests are welcomed to join the team for a free Meet & Greet. Here they can get photos with the riders, receive free autograph cards and get pro rider signatures, purchase official merchandise, and have an opportunity to win a motocross jersey signed by the whole team. We are excited to meet our fans and make a great effort to talk with everyone that comes through the autograph line.  



Show Sponsorship Proposal:


We made an event sponsorship proposal that includes action and fan photos, tour information, and our achievements; with clearly defined sponsorship opportunities and special perks. In addition to any potential sponsorship, they are also invited to watch the show under our VIP tent and be included with team photos for a one of a kind experience. The dollar amount for sponsorships are determined by you and you retain 100% of sponsorships raised.   Clients have reported using our simple show sponsorship proposal to attain $500, $2,500, and +$5,00 local sponsorships. 



Join us for Team Photos:


Your staff and fair sponsors are invited to join us in our secured, infield area to watch the show from our side of the show floor.  Here you can experience the action next to the team and be included in Team photos before the show.  



ATV Big Air Facebook VIP contest:


Our Facebook VIP contest has been a great tool for social media advertising.  Here we offer an exclusive VIP backstage experience for 1 lucky fan and 4 guests to join us before the show to get a look inside our Tour bus, meet the team, get photos taken on the course, receive a souvenir gift bag for each guest, and watch the show from our secured VIP area next to all the riders.  They simply need to like, share, and tag a group of friends on our VIP sweepstakes post to be eligible.  



Machines and Equipment:


ATV’s – modified Can-Am DS450’s (370 lbs)

Dirtbike – KTM SX450 (250 lbs)

UTV – Polaris RZR 1000 turbo (1,300 lbs)

PA System/Emcee Podium – (5) Behringer 900w tower speakers 

Gaming station – 32’’ TV with PS4 multiplayer gaming consoles featuring “Mx vs ATV: All Out” video game

Merchandise items – T-shirts, DVD’s, Team poster, lanyards, hats, sunglasses, checkered flags, ear plugs




Are you ready to Bring the Show to your town?


If you’re a fair or just a fan of motorsports that wants the ATV Big Air Tour to come to your area, it’s now easier than ever.  Simply refer your local county fair, state fair, speedway, or town festival that our show is available nationwide, and direct them to www.ATVbigairtour.com. Here they can find information about our complete self-contained show packages and how they can book the Tour.  It’s easier and more accessible than you think!  



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