history in the making

Living the dream traveling the Globe for over a decade! 


The Guetter brother's crazy story started in 2004 when Jon Guetter landed the world's first ATV Backflip and we have been on an epic ride ever since.


We took something that we loved as kids, lived out our dreams riding our ATV's with the best in the world, and created our own National tour that rocks! After 16 years of filming, traveling, and riding the biggest shows in motorsports, here we are. 


We strive to become better every year because we love what we do and we are good at it. 


The ATV Big Air Tour is family owned and operated and when we come to your town, you become apart of the Big Air family too. 

Thank you for considering us for your entertainment, please enjoy the show. 



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Derek Guetter founder ATV Big Air Tour


For more than a decade we have traveled the globe performing in the biggest shows imaginable. From Video Games, Guinness World Records, to Hollywood Stunts, there's not much we havent done. We are passionate about our business, and love building lasting memories with our fans and clients year after year! 


- Derek Guetter

  ATV Big Air Tour Founder 


16 years in entertainment

some of our films, events & world tours over the last decade





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