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Is your company interested to sponsor the ATV Big Air Tour?  Not only will you receive great activation and exposure from our events, and in some cases, we can also come to your place of business to perform to give your partnership additional value.  


With over a million print and media impressions and +40,000 spectators watching the show each year, the ATV Big Air Tour offers a unique opportunity for your business to connect with customers through a grassroots style approach that leaves a memorable impression. 


 The ATV Big Air Tour is family oriented and if your company’s values and products align with ours, contact our founder today to discuss our exciting sponsorship program:

Live Impressions 

  • MX vs ATV Logo is in clear view on 2-3 oversized Billboards throughout the duration of the performance (Take off Ramp Banners & Mobile Landings) 

  • MX vs ATV Easy Up Canopy & oversized 'MX vs ATV GAMING STATION' Flag is displayed in the merchandise village - usually on the show floor which is also easily viewed during the performances 

  • MX vs ATV Gaming Station booth set up where fans can play the game before, during and after the show (when staffing was available) When staff were not available to run the gaming station, the Tent was still used on the showfloor / merchandise area

  • MX vs ATV Mentions throughout the show. Dustin does a great job talking about how you can play the riders from the show in the game 

  • During the show, there is a designated MX vs ATV Jam session where we display a live demonstration of 'MX vs ATV All Out' - during this time, Dustin also talks about the game, the riders etc. 

  • Shout out's and mentions on ATV Big Air Tour & Derek Guetter's Facebook and Instagram Pages 

  • Derek mentions and talks about our partnership with THQ Nordic during live Vlogs and tour updates

  • During the performance, our Big Air Babes hand out MX vs ATV stickers to the kids in the audience 

  • After the show, people in the audience are able to meet the riders from the game & even battle them in the gaming station 1 on 1

  • During the Snowdaze Event at Floatrite Park this past February, the MX vs ATV Tent can be seen in Larry Enticer's video that was viewed over 514,000 times. To see the video click here (Larry has 623K Followers) It was also the backdrop for multiple photos and videos that were also posted online. The 2nd Annual Snowdaze is scheduled for February 2020. 

  • Mx vs ATV was shown in the Tour summer highlights reel (click here to view)



MX vs ATV Was Displayed 

  • Take off Ramp Banners 

  • Bagjump Airbag Landing Banners

  • Steel Landing Banners 

  • Tour schedule 

  • Website 

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • Team Posters

  • Free Autograph Cards 

  • Crew / Media & Guest Credentials 

  • Derek's Riding jersey 

G3 Quad Freestyle INC Presents 

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