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Before the creation of the ATV Big Air Tour we spent our days traveling the backroads of America finding epic locations to film with some of the best riders in the world producing high-quality ATV films.  That took us to 49 of the 50 states, meeting some of the most influential ATV riders in history.  


When the pandemic of 2020 shut down so many industries including live entertainment, we pivoted our energy from the ATV Big Air Tour to producing our 5th ATV film in hopes that when the pandemic was over, we had maintained all the momentum we had just built from the ATV Big Air Tour to last through the next season.


After years of dedication, sacrifice, broken bones, and moving 2,000 miles away from home at 18 to become a professional ATV rider, I was not sitting at home while everything around us turned upside down.  


And thus, Butter2: Four Wheel Flavored, my 5th film and sequel to our 2013 #1 iTunes release was born. “Butter” is about riding the most epic locations in perfect conditions.  An untouched sand dune, a perfectly groomed motocross track, or landing a jump so perfect it’s as smooth as Butter.  Butter is all about the best days whether its the track, or the group of friends you’re riding with. 


It’s for the 4-wheel fanatic.  The shape, sound, horse-power; everything that makes ATV’s appealing is in this film.  The fastest racers in Texas, the most epic freeriding at the base of the Colorado Rockies, 2 of the greatest ATV riders battling head-to-head, a great soundtrack, Honda 250R 2-strokes, and so much more.  Wait until you see the scene featuring the Forever ATC Museum of over 300 mint condition 3&4 wheelers ever made! 😱


Filmed in stunning 4K quality with some of the best video camera’s available, Butter2 is available on all major platforms including iTunes, Amazon, Xbox Live, and many more.  Butter2 immediately reached the top of the charts and  became our best selling ATV film that is now available in 30+ countries.  


4-wheelers have been my life’s passion since I was a kid after watching Huevos Grandes  & Crusty Demons of Dirt VHS motocross films with my older brothers.  Butter2 encapsulates that life-long passion and once again raises the bar providing exciting ATV action for your family at home, or at the track viewing pleasures.  


Thanks for watching. 

-Derek Guetter 

Behind the scenes Butter 2 Film Derek Larissa Guetter.heic



Jump into the world of ‘Big Air’ All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) riding with Derek Guetter as he Tours the country with his Live Show and Butter film crew discovering epic locations and talented riders that eat, sleep, and breathe life on 4-wheels.


Butter 2 combines entertaining stories and full-throttle ATV action across various disciplines of riding & terrains with excellent camera work and soundtrack to match- Suitable for all ages!


See the fastest ATV racers in the world ride epic motocross tracks in Texas and Florida. Road trip 1,100 miles for a group ride in the Oklahoma sand dunes.


Haul 70 mph on a frozen lake in Minnesota in below 0 temperatures! An insane 3-wheeler museum, a monster 165ft dirt jump built entirely with shovels, and a whole lot more in another exciting ATV film by Derek Guetter & Luke Parmeter Productions.


ATV Riding Includes: ATV Freestyle, ATV MX, ATV XC, Freeriding, Sand Dunes, Indoor ATV Supercross, Ice Racing.



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