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Our experienced and passionate crew of professional entertainers has been touring together for over ten years, providing audiences with never-ending laughter, joy and entertainment.


We are a close-knit group of friends and family that have grown together through our shared love of riding and the Big Air Tour. Our level of expertise ensures that each show is filled with professional-level performances, stunts and incredible thrills.



Derek Guetter - Founder ATV Big Air Tour

Derek Guetter 

Founder / Rider / Director

John Langaas - ATV Big Air Tour Rider

John Langaas

ATV Rider 

Anthony Murray - ATV Big Air Tour Dirtbike Rider

Anthony Murray

Moto Backflip Rider 

Alex Damlow - ATV Big Air Tour Rider

Alex Damlow

Moto Rider

Reed Bleymeyer - ATV Big Air Tour Rider

Reed Bleymeyer

BMX Rider



Big Air Babe

Larissa & Lanah Guetter - ATV Big Air Tour Founder

Larissa Guetter

Co-Owner / Administration

Nick Rogers - ATV Big Air Tour Rider

Nick Rogers

ATV Rider 

Alex Hiltunen - ATV Big Air Tour BMX Rider

Alex Hiltunen

BMX Rider 

AJ Haines - ATV Big Air Tour Rider

AJ Haines

BMX Rider

Creston - ATV Big Air Tour Videographer



Cassie - ATV Big Air Tour Big Air Babe



ATV Big Air Tour Host Dustin Grice from Ride Brand

Dustin Grice

Show Host 

Jake Cohoe - ATV Big Air Tour Rider

Jake Cohoe

ATV Rider 

Jeremiah Hunter - ATV Big Air Tour Rider

Jeremiah Hunter

MTN Bike Rider

David Laing - - ATV Big Air Tour Rider

David Laing

BMX Rider

Jacob - ATV Big Air Tour Road Crew


Road Crew

Emma - ATV Big Air Tour Merchandise



2022 Big Air Crew with Miss South Dakota
Picture with fans - Nick, John & Jake
John Langaas, Anthony Murray, Nick Rogers - Fair-Moto
On stage during the show
2023 ATV Big Air Crew
Nick, Jake & John - ATV Freestyle Riders ATV Big Air Tour
Getting ready for showtime
Testing out the Bagjump air-powered landing
BMX Crew - Kyle-Jeremiah-David-AJ-Alex
Mr & Mrs Big Air Tour & Daughter Lanah
Meeting Fans in autograph line
Filming for Butter 2 at Anoka County Fair
On set - Butter 2: Four Wheel Flavored
Larissa, Lanah & Derek Guetter of the ATV Big Air Tour
Discussing Anthonys Dirtbike Front Flip
Pre Show Team Meeting
Celebrating the end of a successful 2022 season at Nitro Rally
Go Team
John & Jake waiting for introductions
Big Air Moto Crew
Big Air BMX Crew
Big Air Babes Brooklyn & Cassie
Bri, Rider & Dustin
Derek, Larissa & Dustin filming for Butter 2
Big Air at the Twin Cities Auto Show 2022
Larissa & Derek Guetter at IAFE Convention in Las Vegas
Larissa, Derek, Bri, Dustin Springfest
G3 - Derek, Dan & Jon Guetter - Akraix Freestyle
Derek, Larissa & John at Haydays Grass Drags
Derek & Larissa Haydays Grass Drags
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