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Derek Guetter

Founder / ATV Rider / Promoter

Age: 37

Hometown: Wabasso, MN

Current Machine: Can-Am DS 450


He may be the little brother of the family but he packs a big punch! One of less than a dozen people in the entire world to have successfully landed a backflip on an ATV and with over 18 years riding professionally, his style and extension on his bottomless bag of tricks rivals the best in the biz!


When he’s not riding in worldwide freestyle tours such as ‘The Crusty Demons of Dirt’ and ‘Nuclear Cowboyz’, being a stunt double in Hollywood productions, or being played as a character in video games like ‘MX vs ATV’, he can be found playing guitar, building professional caliber motocross tracks, and working on the family farm.


Married to “Tour Mom” Larissa and father to their 2 daughters, Lanah and Alaya, this family man is equally impressive off the bike as he is on it.


Larissa Guetter

Founder / Administration / Production/ PR

Age: 36

Hometown: Brisbane, Australia


Ensuring every action-packed, jaw-dropping show goes off without a hitch requires countless hours of work and planning behind the scenes. To say this “tour mom” wears a lot of hats would be the understatement of the year. From website design and public relations to minute-by-minute tour organization and daily meal prep for the entire crew, of all the responsibilities on her plate the one she enjoys the most is by the side of her husband Derek as his right-hand lady.   

When she’s not handling everything tour and raising their 2 daughters (9m & 6 years), this super mom consumes any free time she can get with reading, arts and crafts, and strengthening her mind and the minds of others through holistic healing.


Surrounded by a family of entrepreneurs and through years of first-hand experience in the corporate world with some of the largest privately-owned companies in Australia, she has developed an ideal set of skills geared towards self-employment and self-success.

Derek And Larissa


This match made in moto heaven started 18 years years ago while Derek was touring with the Crusty Demons of Dirt near Larissas hometown of Brisbane, Australia. Fast forward to today and they’ve been happily married for over 11 years along with their beautiful daughters Lanah (7) & Alaya (18 Months).


Being featured in numerous movies and shows around the world, and at the top of their game, the Guetter brothers finally decided to try their hand at production with the release of the Fallout series and iTunes charts topper ‘Butter: All Moto Flavored’. After getting a taste of self employment while still pursuing what they loved, the decision was made to take full control of fate with the introduction of the ATV Big Air Tour.


Between Derek's riding ability and connections he had made in the industry over the past decade, mixed with Larissa’s entrepreneurial, creative, and administrative background this dynamic duo made the decision to combine both of their strengths and abilities and go all in.


Though not their first experience with show organization it was the first nationwide tour where they had complete control of each and every aspect of production; A gamble to say the least, but as the saying goes, “with big risk comes big reward”. 


Since then they have continued to grow and expand their crew, fleet, tour stops, and business as a whole with sights set on worldwide status.


Throughout their journey of following their dreams, this tight-knit family of small town farmers have rubbed elbows with the likes of Tommy Lee, Adam Devine, Zac Efron, Pink, and Carey Hart yet have managed to stay humble and grounded through it all with their sights set on family, friends, and freestyle.

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