Going for the dream

It’s not easy keeping the attention of a high school student, but Derek and Jon Guetter’s stories of broken bones, death defying tricks and a belief in going for a dream had most of the students at RTR High School captivated.

The Guetter brothers, originally from Wabasso, have gained international notoriety for their four-wheel ATV jumps and stunts.

The brothers stopped by RTR High School to encourage students to believe in themselves and to work hard or the things they want in life.

“Me and Jon came from families just like here,” Derek said. “We really didn’t have any rhyme or reason why we became successful, other than we worked hard and stayed motivated. We didn’t let things distract us from what we wanted to do.”

Derek and Jon, along with their brother Dan, put together a team and, through hard work, the three have gone on to find success.

ATV freestyle riders, the Guetter brothers, talked to RTR High School students about the power of hard work and believing in yourself during an assembly on Monday

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