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Derek Guetter wins Terracross "Speeding with Style" at Haydays

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

(Wabasso MN) September 9, 2014 Can-am's Derek Guetter took home the top spot at the legendary Hayday's Terracross series over the weekend against a stacked field of contenders. Colten Moore, Marco Picado, Adam Thene, JR Hinds, Jon Guetter, and AMA ATV Motocross star Thomas Brown all battled the windy conditions and raced through the rough course with a 75 ft ramp jump.

Wind gusts and deep sand ruts made it challenging for the field to execute their normal freestyle routines, after a few mishaps early in the qualification rounds everyone was able to walk away unharmed after some nasty crashes. Colten Moore and Marco Picado were on hand performing flawless back flips, but Mother Nature kept them from piecing it all together in the final rounds. New to speeding with style, Thomas Brown walked away with the second place spot and gave the freestyle riders a run for the money. "It's so awesome to have Thomas here hitting ramps with us and keeping us from getting lazy in the corners." said Derek Guetter. "Obviously he doesn't have the big tricks yet, but he makes up for it with speed on this rough course so I knew I would have to really throw it out there in the finals."

Returning “Speeding with Style” champ Jon Guetter was among one the riders who struggled with the conditions, missing his first trick and not performing his signature back flip kept him from moving on to the next round. The competition continues in 2 weeks in North Carolina for the final round of The Terracross Championship Series.


1. Derek Guetter - CAN-AM

2. Thomas Brown - YAMAHA

3. Colten Moore - YAMAHA

4. Marco Picado - YAMAHA

5. Jon Guetter - CAN-AM

6. JR Hinds - YAMAHA

7. Adam Thene - CAN-AM

Sponsors: Can-am BRP, PEP Suspension, Maxxis, FMF, MSR, SSI Decals, Pro Taper, ATV Big Air Tour

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