Fans See "Big Air" at the County Fair

SAUK RAPIDS - It didn't matter if they were on two-wheels or four-wheels, these riders gave fans a big air show.

The riders were all apart of the ATV Big Air Tour at the Benton County Fair. The show happened Sunday afternoon on the final day of the fair.

This was Cody Cavanaugh's first show as a member of the tour. He says this tour represents what he believes is everyone's dream.

"I have just wanted a job where you are doing something that you truly love."

Even though Cavanaugh is brand new to the tour, he says he has a bag full of tricks ready for each show.

"We have some tricks where we grab onto the seat, some bar tricks, probably some flips. There are a couple flips in the bag, so I'll rip a couple backwards."

While the traveling show has ATV in it's name, it also features UTV's, dirt bike's and BMX bikes.

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