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ATV Big Air Tour dominates grand stands and Main Street Wabasso

Updated: Feb 14

Derek and Larissa Guetter opened the headquarters of their successful ATV tour show on Main Street Wabasso

Last January the floral shop Petals and Balloons, owned by Marcis Goblirsch located on Main Street in Wabasso announced her retirement and that she was going to close her business. After Goblirsch closed the doors for the final time on February, 28, 2018 many in the community were concerned that there would be an empty storefront on Wabasso's Main Street. However, the following month in March, Wabasso native Derek Guetter and and his wife, Larissa moved into the former Petals and Balloons location and established the headquarters for their live motorsports show company - ATV Big Air Tour.

Derek and Larissa Guetter of Wabasso along with their daughter Lanah are proud to have their ATV Big Air Tour company headquarter offices located on Main Street Wabasso in the former location of Petals and Balloons.

The ATV Big Air Tour is known both locally and internationally for their sports thrill show headlining dizzying stunts and free riding on ATVs, dirtbikes, Polaris RZR, and BMX

"This is all I ever wanted to do", said Guetter sitting along side Larissa, his business partner and wife.

The ATV Big Air Tour varies from 30, 60, and 90-minute show lengths that showcases professional ATV and off-road riders on a daring course of steel ramps placed over 75 feet apart. One small mistake can bring dire consequences but this group is fearless.

The Guetters along with the 14 traveling crew members form the ATV Big Air Tour family which includes 8 professional performers who are both passionate and dedicated to both their fans and clients.

Various stunts are performed to the pleasure of many fans, including the many families that attend their tour show.

Derek along with his older brother Jon have been established an extensive stunt resume including: Jon becoming the first person in the world to successfully land an ATV Backflip, back flipping over a moving train, and Derek starring in a Hollywood Movie called Mike & Dave Need Wedding dates performing the ATV Stunts for Adam Devine and Zach Efron.

Over the years Derek Guetter has ventured his passion of ATV's into many areas of business including starring in video games, apparel, merchandise, and producing 4 ATV motocross films.

Parenthood has given focus to the Guetters on providing family friendly entertainment for the entire family to enjoy. ATV Big Air Tour is proud to showcase professional riders who not only are entertaining, but positive role models for youth attending their tour show.