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ATV Big Air Tour Comes Home to Host Wabasso Big Air Fest

Derek and Larissa Guetter are bringing their ATV Big Air Tour to Derek’s hometown with Wabasso Big Air Fest. The Guetters put on the ATV Big Air Tour around the country at locations that include the Toledo Speedway on July 8, the Erie County Fair on August 17 and it’s coming right here to Wabasso on June 30 with the 2022 Big Air Fest.

Host Dustin Grice at the Wabasso Big Air Fest - Photo by Piccaboo's Photography

“This is a fun family event like no other in the country,” said Derek. “We are some of the only people to do this in the world and have almost 20 years of performing for some of the largest entertainment companies in the world. The show is good and kids, parents, and grandparents all have a ton of fun!”

The Guetters officially started touring nationwide in 2015, and the first Wabasso Big Air Fest was in 2020. Prior to starting ATV Big Air Tour, Derek had performed in hundreds of shows around the world and they wanted to have more control over the events and as Derek explained, “be our own bosses.”

“We started Wabasso Big Air Fest in 2020 after covid canceled 18 of our 23 shows that year and nearly wiped us out,” said Derek. “We felt like we didn’t have much more to lose so we decided to keep the event free and the community had shown a lot of support during these rough times.”

Despite rapidly changing regulations regarding events during the Covid pandemic, the Guetters were able to attract a big crowd and it was a huge success in 2020, which is why they are excited to host the event again this year.

Electric bikes will be a new addition to the show this year. “We partnered with Connexus Energy, Excel Energy, and Pritchard Electric Vehicles. These new electric bikes are awesome and you will see them in Wabasso!” shared Derek.

“We perform all across the country and the world but we wanted to make the biggest impact here in my hometown of Wabasso,” said Derek. “I meet thousands of people each year and see how my riding and our business affects people. We wanted to do that for our hometown kids. We expect to see more than 1,500 people this year!”

As to what lies ahead for the ATV Big Air Tour, Derek explained, “we haven’t stopped working since 2020. We produced another iTunes ATV film called ‘Butter 2,’ which is available on iTunes, Amazon, DVD and more. It reached #2 on the iTunes charts only two weeks after release.”

The Guetters are grateful to the community support in Wabasso and from fans everywhere. Derek added, “Never in my wildest dreams could I have ever imagined riding my 4-wheeler for a living but here we are doing it bigger and better than ever before!

The ATV Big Air Tour currently has dates through September 11, including June 30 in Wabasso for and the Big Air Fest!

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