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Highlighting New Electric Technology in Off-road & Recreational Vehicles

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

All-Electric lightweight motorcycles to be highlighted by powersports pioneer Derek Guetter’s ATV Big Air Tour, debuting May 20 and 21 at the Twin Cities Auto Show

RAMSEY, MN (May 13, 2022) — Connexus Energy today announced a collaboration with Minnesota powersports pioneer Derek Guetter, co-founder and CEO of a nationally touring powersports show, to feature new electric off-road and recreational vehicles. Guetter’s 2022 Big Air Tour and Electric Activation will debut at the Twin Cities Auto Show, Friday May 20, 7:00 pm CT and Saturday, May 21 3:00 pm and 7:00 pm.

“To accelerate local economic development and benefit our members, Connexus Energy strives to be the most supportive electric utility for EV owners in the state and the region,“ said Connexus Energy’s CEO Greg Ridderbusch. “It’s exciting to see these new electric recreational off-road motorcycles and ATVs hit the market.”

Founded by 18-year professional rider Derek Guetter, ATV Big Air Tour is a national touring ATV and dirtbike show. With his wife Larissa, Derek started the business while living in Elk River, Minnesota, then signed the Anoka County Fair as one of their first venues.

“We were thrilled to be contacted by Connexus Energy in late 2021 with an invitation to explore adding electric vehicles to our show,” said Derek Guetter. “Electric is the next iteration of continuous improvement and innovation in motorsports. And working with Connexus has been great—it’s refreshing to see an electric utility committed to connecting with its members and helping accelerate innovation in an industry.”

Connexus Energy is the founding sponsor of Electric Activation, a new feature in the 2022 ATV Big Air Tour and is joined in its support by Pritchard EV and Xcel Energy. Minnesota Rural Electric Association is a promotional partner.

Energy for the bikes For all the Minnesota shows, renewable energy from Connexus Energy, the state’s largest co-op, and Xcel Energy, the state’s largest investor-owned utility, will power all the electric bikes and recreational vehicles.

Electric sector leaders shared their perspectives on the news:

“Beneficial electrification offers value to many stakeholders, with a variety of interests and priorities,” said Keith Dennis, President of the Beneficial Electrification League, a national nonprofit organization. “We celebrate Connexus Energy’s, Xcel Energy’s, and MREA’s collaboration to bring beneficial electrification, in the form of all-electric motorbikes, soaring to new heights and educating audiences in new and exciting ways.

“This collaboration is truly unique and innovative within the electric utility sector,”

said Matthew Burks, chief strategy officer of utility research and advisory firm E Source. “Connexus is implementing a savvy strategy to engage its young adult members, while creating an eye-catching educational narrative for a generation of customers, by highlighting the performance and convenience of electric motors.”

Making the switch to an electric vehicle, whether it is a dirt bike, a Ford F150 Lightning or a electric school bus, is good for our air and climate, and our economy” said Craig McDonnell, Assistant Commissioner of the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.

About Connexus Energy Connexus Energy is Minnesota’s largest electric co-op, among the 15 largest cooperative electric utilities nationwide and has been nationally recognized for its “perfect power” service reliability, grid innovation, as well as solar land-use practices.

Worlds First at the Twin Cities Auto Show

Above: Twin Cities Auto Show - May 21, 2022 - World's First E-Bike Front Flip by Anthony Murray.

Below: Twin Cities Auto Show - May 20, 2022 - World's First E-Bike Backflip on a Cake by Brett Turcotte.

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