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We celebrated our 150th event in 2023

Read what our clients are saying

"You always go above & beyond!"

"You truly have a knack for getting the audience involved, and they love you guys!

I never have any doubts when I'm dealing with you. I know your word is your bond and you always exceed expectations." 

Bettie Valley - Fair Manager 

St Louis County Fair, Chisholm MN

The ATV Big Air Tour was a hit at our fair. Derek was so great to work with through the booking process. They had all of the details that we needed in their welcome folder, answered all my questions, and more.

Jon and the staff that were on-site the day of the event were so AMAZING! So nice and respectful to me and all of our fairgoers! The MC was great, funny, and kept everyone involved and entertained. The meet and greet after the show was a hit, long line!! The riders were so professional and nice from the first spectator to the last! Would hands down recommend them for any event.

Bobbi Jo Valiant

Fair Board Secretary 

Meeker County Fair, Litchfield MN

2022_ATV Big Air Tour-47.jpg

If you are looking for a highly-produced, highly entertaining experience for fairgoers of all ages, the ATV Big Air Tour is an affordable option.  It was a 90-minute show of non-stop action that ended with some very cool interaction between the trick riders and their fans. 


For us, it brought a family demographic into our Grandstand that we have been trying to reach for a long time.  More impressive than the show was the Tour’s pre-fair help with publicity and marketing.  Great videos, posters, and social media leading up to the event!

Jeremy Parsons, CFE 


Clay County Fair & Events Center

Spencer, IA


To events interested in the ATV Big Air Show,


The Redwood County Fair has had the opportunity to host the Show 4 times in the past 7 years.  The show continues to be our number one draw at the grandstand each year they perform.  What started out as the “two Guetter Boys from our home county” has evolved into one of the most exciting grandstand events available in the fair business. From the small town of Wabasso, MN, Derek and Jon Guetter have performed around the world and have created a name for themselves that all in the quad industry will recognize.  


The bonus of hiring the Guetter brothers, beyond their breathtaking show, is the age group they can bring to your fair.  Some of our highest grossing midway and concession sales have come right after the completion of the show and continued throughout the evening. THEY RETAIN CUSTOMERS ON YOUR GROUNDS!!


The show is very family orientated and a fantastic show for all ages. All of the riders were more than happy to meet their fans in a meet and greet with autograph session before the show and the excitement continued throughout the evening.  The riders in the show are all very professional and the list of riders available allows them to put on a show that you will never forget!  


I am more than willing to discuss the ATV Big Air show with anyone interested.


Jim Sandgren


Redwood County Fair

Redwood Falls, MN    

IMG_3048 2.jpg

"It was so easy and fun putting on this event"

"You guys executed so well and made it incredibly easy for me to market. 

Our crowd was more electric than we'd ever seen and for a small town fair, they showed up in nummbers!"

Shyla Hadley - Fair Manager 

Fallon County Fair, Baker MT

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