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Touring Florida Fairs Winter 2018 - 2019!

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

We’re heading to the Florida Fairs Convention to be 2019 snowbirds! Seriously, this Minnesota winter was brutal. We had our first outdoor show of 2018 three weeks ago, and just days before still had 13” of snow on the ground. Our riders hardly got any practice in and the event was cold, but it actually turned out better than expected with people braving the cold temps. Brrr! It’s safe to say it didn’t take much convincing to take the tour South next winter.

We’ve heard nothing but great things about the Florida Fairs Federation and since we are a part of IAFE, MN Fairs, IA Fairs, WI Fairs, and TX Fair associations it seemed like a good fit for business. The fair industry is a great place for us to promote our off-road show; Fairs have told us time and time again they want quality entertainment that delivers, and we need venue’s that can accommodate the show. Our portable ramps roll in, The Big Air team of 11 crew members perform, fans get an incredible experience for a ticket that costs less than $20, and we pack up for the next town and everyone leaves happy.

My favorite part of working with the fair industry is the people! I grew up in a small farm town in Southwest Minnesota and the people we meet and work with remind me of home. Friendly, outgoing, dedicated, and always willing to help wherever it’s needed. We truly appreciate this industry! As you can imagine the entertainment industry we worked in previously wasn’t always sunshine and sparkles. Sixteen years of good, bad, and truly awful promoters have given us valuable lessons how to operate a successful business with integrity and professionalism. It blows me away how people get hired in this industry and drop the ball when it comes to fulfilling contract obligations. Oh the horror stories we have heard! We give every show our best effort and you will see our crew has a lot of fun doing it!

The icing on the cake is the fans that come to our show. We travel to cities and small towns that rarely get this level of professional motorsports entertainment. Everywhere we go we create fans for life! Stadium shows don’t you get this close without spending $100+ for a “VIP” ticket that pushes you through meet and greets like a fast paced assembly line. That’s why we make such an effort to encourage fans to see us after the show! Get an autograph, get a photo with your favorite rider, grab an autographed poster and come share a smile with our incredibly talented and respected crew. It’s the little details that make the difference and our team does an amazing job at giving you and your family your money’s worth!

Florida is a long way from home and it presents a few new challenges but me and my wife have never backed down from adversity. After 16 years of riding ATV’s professionally and doing everything we can to keep from getting real jobs, I can honestly say this part of my career has been the most fulfilling. Huge thank you to all my sponsors, crew, Fair clients, family, and ALL OF OUR AMAZING Fans for an incredible journey. 2019 is going to be epic!!

Derek Guetter – ATV Big Air Tour Founder

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